Issue #02 - Great Minds Think Alike

Image of Issue #02 - Great Minds Think Alike


80 pages, Softcover, 16,5x23,5 cm, Color+B&W
Printed in color offset with Cyclus Print + Offset
700 Copies


An ode to HATS.

Nacho Alegre, Andreas Banderas, Beni Bischof, Adrià Canyameras, Samantha Casolari, Rafa Castells, Heather Culp, Joe Flasch, Ceclia Hernando, Sho Iwata, Daehyun Kim, Maike Lüdenbach, Nina Pawlovsky, Patricia Ruiz del Portal, Daniel Sannwald, Patricia Yagüe.

Curated by Coke Bartrina and Elena Gallen.

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